Personal Wellbeing

Everyone gets angry sometime. We all behave differently when angry. Some of us “internalise” our anger and can end up harming ourselves physically or emotionally.

Keeping connections with friends and family is often a very important help when we are troubled with difficulties. Taking time to spend with people can sometimes feel like a luxury when we are busy or it can feel like a burden when we are feeling down.

Nevertheless, research tells us that having people we can trust and rely on and talk to is highly effective in supporting us to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Having things to look forward to is one useful way to push away feelings of depression; having hobbies and interests allow us to let go of the daily pressures of life and add flavour to our lives.

People who experience depression often become socially isolated and take little interest in things or get pleasure from the activities they enjoy. Paying attention to this area of your life is a good way to keep an eye on how well you are coping with your life.