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Founded in 1991 TimeforTalking offers adult counselling and psychological wellbeing support for couples and families.

A part of The TCS Group, our experience has allowed us to work with 14 councils and 10 businesses throughout Scotland, England & Wales, helping thousands of employees every year.

Each stage of our process is focused on delivering an exceptional service to both client and company. From our trained Client Support Team through to our Counsellors, we have a breadth of varied experience allowing for a flexible approach to suit your needs.

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For Business

Our Psychological Healthcare provision is flexible and can be tailored to suit you and your employee's needs. Find out how we can support you today.

For Employees

Our EAP Services provide psychological wellbeing support to keep your mentals healthy. Access our Employee Portal and Self-help Resources

For You

We offer private services to support individuals, couples and families. From one-to-one counselling to group interventions, we can provide all aspects of wellbeing support.


Client Feedback

"The counsellor was just fantastic, she provided the right amount of support and engagement to allow me to talk though the issues that were causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. Couldn't have asked for more in a Counsellor, excellent!"

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