Time for Talking

Helping to create better work and working lives

Time for Talking is an organisation which provides support to employees; this is often referred to as Employee Assistance Programmes [EAP’s]. The support we provide is psychological, emotional and practical.

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An employer will contract with us to set up an agreement to support staff. We provide a 24 hour helpline and a one-to-one support service which can be accessed by those employees whenever they need it.

The Time for Talking team is made up of professional counsellors, trained telephone staff and workplace advisors who have a wealth of experience and provide guidance and counselling which is sensitive and respectful to everyone who reaches out. This can be done via face-to-face, telephone, video calling, or by online counselling.

Time for Talking is committed to supporting the wellbeing of all our clients and we offer counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR and Solution Focussed Therapy [SFT] as evidenced-based interventions which are shown to help people to cope with their issues and build resilience. We have therapists throughout the UK and through the use of telephone and video calling we also support people in other countries.