Time for Talking



Time for Talking provides employee counselling support (sometimes referred to as an Employee Assistance Programme or EAP) and post-critical incident programmes.

Our reputation has been established over 15 years of working with individuals and groups in the public, voluntary and private sectors. Our whole ethos is defined by certain core values built around respecting the individual and his or her beliefs and the resources available to that person. We take time to see the world from an individual’s viewpoint. In doing so, we truly appreciate the feelings, the confusions, the uncertainty and the complexity of each person. This is our starting point in making a difference

The importance of dialogue

From our experience, we know that people are able to change their behaviours and their perspective of the world around them to find ways to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Helping people help themselves

Our counsellors and staff recognise that people sometimes need assistance to make the changes that will move them forward. We can provide that assistance – and we have the evidence to show that our services can help people make the changes they need.