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Patient Health Questionnaire -9

Once you’ve taken the PHQ-9 questionnaire, you will be presented with a score to find out how severe your depression may be. A PHQ-9 score total of 0-4 points equals “normal” or minimal depression. Scoring between 5-9 points indicates mild depression, 10-14 points indicates moderate depression, 15-19 points indicates moderately severe depression, and 20 or more points indicates severe depression. The higher your score, the more symptoms of depression you experience, and the more severe your depression is.

Your scores can be used as a way for you to individually monitor where your depression is at, or as a part of your treatment plan with a mental health professional. Since the test is so simple and quick to use, monitoring the severity of your symptoms has never been easier. The PHQ-9 is a fantastic tool to help assess and interpret the symptoms and severity of our depression, but these numbers alone will not provide treatment. It is still necessary to treat depression via therapy, medication, brain-stimulation therapies, self-reflection, or whatever treatment modality is right for you. Insight into our depression is vital, but that alone will not improve the depression.