Medication is one of the many options available to help combat depression, anxiety, sleep problems and other mental wellbeing issues.

Some people have strong feelings about medication, and would rather not take any while other people want to use such support very quickly. It is fair to say that there are pros and cons.

Nowadays, with the use of the internet it is always valuable to check to see how a drug works and any side-effects you should be aware of. Usually the doctor prescribing the drug will make this clear to you but you may be in a state of mind to take-in everything the doctor is saying. It is important that you learn how a drug works.

  • What will be the impact in the first 2 weeks?

  • When will you begin to feel any benefits?

  • What happens if you don’t feel any benefits after 4 weeks?

  • What are the side-effects?

  • Might the side-effects come before the benefits?

  • If you are taking more than one drug are there any known problems about this combination?

These are all legitimate questions which you can ask the doctor, the pharmacist or look online and then ask the doctor/pharmacist to clarify for you. Become the expert about your own body; know how it works and what it needs. If you are to take medication then it is your body and mind which will be affected and you should become informed about how you will be affected.