The Active Life

It is not possible to draw up an active-lifestyle plan that fits everyone because we are all different with different circumstances and different interests. In simple terms it is about doing things which add more quality to our lives.

It will involve investing time in things which we will enjoy and which will make us feel better. Active Living can be as simple as walking the dog a couple of times a day. This simple activity gets us outdoors, walking in the fresh air and here we meet people and take pleasure in seeing our dog running about. Active Living for others can be about volunteering for a group that they care about and want to support; it can be a local sports club, charity or a church group.

Many of the community groups and community activities in your neighbourhood can only survive because they are supported by people who volunteer and who help with the simple but necessary tasks which anyone can do. Getting involved with your local community activities ensures that groups continue to provide services and it allows you to make connections with others and to feel that you are contributing to society.

Living an active life is about deliberately putting more into your life than work and home. For some people these two things are enough to keep them really busy but for others they spend 2 or 3 hours per day (every day) watching television and have little benefit to show for that.

If you want to add a new dimension to your life then take some time to reflect on the quality of your life and the quantity of time that each of the ingredients are allocated during a normal week:

  • How many hours sleeping? Working? Playing with children? Doing chores? Eating? Shopping? At the pub? Speaking with partner/friends?

  • How much happiness or fulfilment do you get from the activities? How much care do you give or receive? How much love do you give to and receive from others? What activities take you outside of your own self-interests?

  • What is your assessment of the “quality” of the different activities in your life?

  • Do you have a full life already? Do you feel there is something missing?

There is no set answer to these questions nor is there one set of responses better than any other. No, what is more important that we take time to review and reflect on our life. If you are feeling fulfilled and happy at this point in your life then that is a feeling to cherish.

If you feel that there is more you could do and could find ways to do it then start by writing this down. Then talk about it and start to work out what steps to take. Then go for it. It may be simply to get exercise or join a club or volunteer or join a walking group. Whatever it is does not matter one little bit because it is your life and you are doing something to make it a more fulfilled life.