Self help documents

Documents to use to guide your own self help journey.


Anger Management Workbook

Anger is a natural feeling just like joy, love or fear. It is neither good nor bad. This workbook will no stop you feeling angry, but it will help you to start to explore your anger, identify triggers and look for healthier ways to express yourself and take care of your emotional self

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A Guide to Controlling Anger

You may feel that you can do little to control your anger – but there are things that you can do to make a difference. This NHS guide aims to help you cope with anger. 

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A Guide To Controlling Anxiety

When you are stressed, adrenalin gets released into your body. This is a chemical messenger which makes your body ready to run away or fight what it thinks is dangerous or threatening

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Anxiety and Phobias

Anxiety is a normal human feeling. We all experience it when faced with situations we find threatening or difficult. If the feelings become too strong or go for too long, they can stop us from doing the things we want to and can make our lives miserable.

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Coping with Bereavement and Grief

This leaflet aims to help you to understand some of the emotions which may be faced during a bereavement or loss, to make some practical suggestions which may help you to get through this difficult time and to offer some basic details of what needs to be done when there is a death

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Coping with Bereavement

There is no one way to cope with the feelings any of us has after the death of someone close to us. We all feel differently and we all cope in different ways. You might feel quite isolated. You could possibly think nobody else has felt the same way as you do. The important thing is for you to accept that whatever you feel is not unusual

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Bereavement – Coping with Death

You are probably reading this leaflet because someone close to you has died recently. Whoever has died, your loss is unique to you, and you will cope with it in your own way. But although bereavement is a highly personal and often traumatic event, many people go through a range of recognisable reactions and emotions when someone they are close to dies

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Depression: an information leaflet

Depression is a very common problem. Very many adults will at some time experience symptoms of depression. If you think you may be depressed, your GP is the best person to talk to in the first instance. They will have information about local services which may be able to help

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Depression: information for patients

Depression is a very common problem and many people feel low or down in the dumps at times. This is often because of life stresses such as bereavement, money or housing problems or difficulties in relationships, but for some people the problem becomes much worse and normal life itself becomes difficult

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Men and Depression

This leaflet is for any man who is depressed, their friends and their family. Men seem to suffer from depression just as often as women, but they are less likely to ask for help. This leaflet gives some basic facts about depression, how it affects men in particular, and how to get help

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A Better Understanding of Depression

Depression is frequently preceded by a setback in life, such as bereavement, relationship or financial difficulties, problems at work/school or medical illness. We all react to loss with a sense of disappointment, which can vary from mild to severe

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Depression and Low Mood

Depression is a very common problem and many people feel low or down in the dumps at times. This is often due to life stresses such as bereavement, money or housing problems or difficulties in relationships. For some people the problem becomes much worse and gets in the way of normal life

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Everyone knows what panic is, and it is common to feel panicky from time to time:

  • You discover you have had your wallet stolen.

  • You are sitting an exam. You look at the paper and realise you don’t know the answers to any of the questions.

A panic attack is a bit like ‘normal’ panic, but different in certain ways:

  • The feelings seem to come ‘out of the blue’ and are not usually related to the sort of frightening situation described above.

  • The feelings are a lot stronger

Use this workbook to better understand.

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Post natal depression

Post Natal Depression: a guide for mothers and families

Having a baby is a major event in any woman’s life and this is particularly so in the case of a first baby. Motherhood is an exciting and wonderful experience. This booklet is designed to explain both the normal and abnormal emotional responses which may follow on the birth of a new baby.

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Post Natal Depression

Post-natal depression is a distressing condition experienced by at least one in ten women after they have a baby. If you are depressed you will probably find it hard to concentrate, even to read this booklet. Perhaps it looks too long and difficult? Please don’t worry, use this workshop to help understand what you can do.

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Relaxation does not ‘cure’ or solve anxiety, but learning how to relax can help you to feel more comfortable and aid the some of the techniques described later in this manual. Many people say that they ‘can’t relax’. The reason for this is that we need to learn to relax, it isn’t just something that happens

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A Guide to Relaxation

When we are stressed, our muscles tense up. This tension causes uncomfortable bodily feelings such as headaches and backache. The aches and pains of tension can cause worry, making us even more anxious and tense. When we are tense/anxious our body system speeds up – relaxation slows us down again

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Benefits of Sleep and Relaxation

Most people need eight to nine hours of sleep each night for good health and clear thoughts. Deep sleep and relaxation provide a chance for the body to rest and repair. Research suggests that deep sleep allows for more antibody production and stimulates the immune system

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Tips for Better Sleep

There is no correct amount of sleep that everyone must have. Sleep is a natural process that is not directly under our control. Our bodies take what they need. In the short-term our bodies will adjust the type and quality of sleep to make sure we stay healthy

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Sleep Problems

This booklet aims to help you understand your sleep problem better and to learn some simple ways to cope. Sleep problems are very common and are often referred to as insomnia. One study in America found that only 5% of adults reported never having trouble sleeping

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Stress – a self help guide

Stress is the word that many people use when they are describing how the demands of their life seem to be becoming too great for them to cope with. This ability to cope varies from person to person and what one person finds stressful may not be a problem for another

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Post Traumatic Stress

A traumatic incident can be anything that is out of the ordinary range of daily events and is deeply distressing to someone. Many things can have this impact. It could be fire, an accident, a robbery or burglary, an attack, being a witness to a traumatic event such as a death

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Stress Buster Tips

Five steps to recovery

When you feel anxious, stressed, fearful, try working through these ten steps to relax your body and encourage alpha brainwaves, a more calm state of being.

Assess – Learn – Practice – Hold – Affirm

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Stress and Anxiety

If someone has too much stress for too long anxiety is very often the result. This booklet is about anxiety, and aims to help you to:

  1. Recognise whether or not you may be suffering from symptoms of anxiety.

  2. Understand what anxiety is, what can cause it, and what can keep it going.

  3. Overcome your anxiety by learning better ways of coping with it.

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